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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 3 of Nebulizing

H2O2 has been evolving with me.  I started with drinking it diluted in distilled water.  I switched to inhaling from a nasal mister 3%.  I'm now breathing 2% thru a nebulizer and it's perfection!  Drinking became hard because when the concentration gets high, my stomach can't handle it.  The nasal spray worked okay, but you spray into your mouth and so your mouth and throat fizz and it's weird.  Nebulizing is just breathing the mist right into your lungs.  You can still taste it a little (drink water after).  You instantly have more energy and feel ready to go.  At least I do.  We'll see how things continue.  I'm hoping to be able to get stronger and have more energy.  So far, so good.

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