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Friday, February 5, 2016

DAY 1 of H2O2

Got all my stuff!  H2O2, dropper bottle, distilled water.  H2O2 comes packed in a paper bag, which is taped closed, and thats in a sealed bag inside a ziploc bag, inside a packing bag inside the mailing envelope!  Whew!

so yeah, it's well packaged!

Started this morning with 3 drops in 7oz distilled water.  I have to say, I could taste it.  Not bad or anywhere near undrinkable, just noticeable.  Woke up congested a bit, which cleared up within minutes of drinking this....???  Have felt pretty sluggish in the morning, but I'm pretty good today.  So, I came home and made an omelet and did the dishes.  I'm hoping to discuss all the good things that happen as I increase my dosage, but also any set backs.  The book suggests working up to 25 drops.  After reading 100's of reviews and weighing less than 100lbs., I choose to work up to 10 and then ride that for awhile while things die off and I stabilize.  This is the plan anyway.  We shall see....

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