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HiCy Journey

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing new to report.  My recovery is boring! Haha. I just move around the house doing chores and lay on the couch between.  I drive Jessica to drum lessons now.  That is good, gets me out of the house.  

Have other small chores to do.   Doing more everyday, have done more than I should have a couple times, but being it was for my daughter and one of her best friends, it was worth the down time the next day.  

Love my kid and her Dad was out of town, so when I was in charge, I had to be Mom.  She does her work, she gets privileges.  He's home, so he can take over rides and stuff.  

Feeling better everyday! 


  1. Stephanie, Just read your blog. I am scheduled for evals @ Johns Hopkins for the HiCy treatment at the end of this month. Hope that I will be able to do this. Would love to talk to you more about this. Please email if you can at lreichle@optonline.net. Thanks, Lorraine

  2. Hey, that's great that you were able to drive Jess to drum lessons. :o)

    Celebrate every baby step on your way to recovery and before you know it, you'll be running down the street. :o)

    Love you,