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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's so hot here!  I love Scottsdale, but it's tough when you're gaining strength back.  That sun is brutal!  Continuing to stretch and trying to do more everyday.  

I need to sunscreen myself and get in the pool eventually.  Maybe I'll get in this evening when the suns not on the pool.  That would be good exercise.  

Getting stronger everyday and washing my hands like crazy.  Slight germaphobe.  Better safe than sick.  Talk to you later.



  1. I love this post, it's encouraging and bodes well for the near future. Can't wait 2 C U soon! - LT

  2. One step @ at time. :o) Before you know it, you'll be swimming laps! I'm so happy for you that things are getting steadily better. I know it seems like forever, but what a wonder future you are working toward!