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Monday, June 21, 2010

Love my neurologist!  Talked to him today.  He wrote a letter for my insurance company because they denied payment on my wig, saying it wasn't a necessity!  My bald head says it is!  LOL

I am taking 3 Advil liquigels to treat the chemo headaches.  Prescription strength is the equivalent of 4.  Works good for me.  Started doing brain games to strengthen my chemo brain...I guess it's good for anyone, and I have to take the math test in Chicago again to see if I can do better.  That things a nightmare.  

Dr. Hendin says I'm to weak for physical therapy now.  He'll see me in September and set it up then.  In the mean time I'll just do what I can daily to start getting some strength back.

Doing pretty good if you ask me.  I tire myself out, but I think that's good.  If you have some energy, shouldn't you use it?  

Thank you everyone that's helped with transporting Miss Jessica.  It has helped her to have a normal kids life and to see her friends.  I am forever indebted to you.



  1. I'm so glad to hear that your neurologist is on your side-what a difference that makes! And, I'm glad to hear that the Advil is helping your headaches.
    We pray every day for your healing and trust that God will answer our prayers.

    Love you!

    Denise :o)

  2. That math test could confuse anyone! Did Dr. Shammo give you a script for a wig? My insurance paid for mine but I had to submit the claim myself. I did have a script from Dr. Shammo, though. Good luck! (I actually never wore mine) Stay cool!

  3. Jane,
    I submitted before chemo with a script. They told me I needed my Doctors diagnosis and treatment course taken to prove medical necessity. I got that, so they should cover it now. You'd think they could see the claims for the chemo and put it together, but that's not there job. LOL