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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here we go!


We have spent 5 hours at Rush today, meeting all the Doctors, going over treatment, and giving me tests.

There are cognitive tests and they are hard for MS patients. The peg in the hole test was deceiving because those little pegs are hard to grasp! The math part was head spinning! This tape says a number every 3 seconds and doesn't stop while you add the last number he said to the next number he says and then say the answer....60 in a row....is your head spinning?

Tomorrow we begin. They will call sometime in the morning and we will wheel my two suitcases and backpack to admitting, and get me in a room. Will get set up with a Picc line and catheter! WooHoo! TMI...not really, this is an important option that reduces the chance of chemo staying in the bladder and destroying the lining. Good info for sure!

Then I'll get tons of saline and the chemo will begin. I will be getting some meds that will keep me sleepy most the time. Doctor Balabanov said this is a great way to get through the chemo part and let your body rest instead of trying to fight to stay awake and function. I will blog when I can and play catch up later when I'm up to it.

Please comment when you can. Gives me some extra reading and lets me feel the love...I will be alone for most of this, but all of you make it easier!

Thanks for the support, you're all awesome!


  1. You've been in my thoughts since Tuesday (actually before then too!) Let us know your new temporary address and room number before you get too groggy.

  2. I've been thinking about you constantly. Still don't know how you're doing this on your own-wish I could be there with you. We'll take good care of Bob and Jess.