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Thursday, May 20, 2010


In my hospital room. I'm on the 10th floor with a great view of Chicago. I was admitted after noon so, I wont get my PICC line until tomorrow, but I will get my first chemo later tonight.

I will get some medications to fight nausea before the chemo. Tonight I'll take an ambien to sleep, and I have my catheter.

Jessie is getting nervous about leaving me. She wanted to stay the night in my room! I told her I'd be fine and she gets the nice comfortable hotel bed to herself! They will leave in 30 minutes and I'll be alone until tomorrow...ahhh... some peace and quiet. LOL

Just kidding, I'll be looking forward to seeing them tomorrow! Just have to let them know where the cafeteria is so they can get food here.

I'm in for a long ride, but I will be okay. I have my scriptures on my bulletin board that keep me focused and give me strength.

Foods pretty good here. Being a Medical University, they have chefs here to feed patients and staff. Hopefully I wont loss any weight. I weighed in at a whopping 104.4! I really need to gain some!

Will try to post tomorrow to let you know how the first dose of chemo went.


  1. steph - even though you do not know me from Adam
    I really wish you the best. I stumbled upon your blog and my background is my mother had ALS and many friends have had ms. I want you to know I am very confident you will come through with flying colors and will defeat this disease. I am praying for you keep the faith you will come out better than you think. Never ever give up.


  2. Hi Steph,

    Thanks so much for the updates. I'm glad to hear that you are settled in your room today. You are in my prayers and I look forward to praying alongside you through this process.

    Love you,

    Denise :o)

  3. So, are you in the main hospital building? I've bookmarked a map of all those buildings. :o) And 10th floor--how very nice!

  4. Steph - glad to hear you're settled in. I was thinking of you and Jess Wednesday night at a God's Girls meeting. Can't wait till you're back and WELL and ready to have some fun. Praying for you, Barb