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Friday, May 7, 2010

God is sooo... in this!


Okay, here's another God moment.  Jessica has been playing softball for 6 years, on a team named the HUSKIES.  I'm the team mom.  Last night, we're throwing gear into my Trailblazer and leaving the house in a hurry to make her 5:00 warm-up time for the Championship game!

Ready to go, I turn the key and nothing!  Good ole' Arizona and the two year battery melt down!  I was so frustrated and mad!  Bob said to take his truck, which means he doesn't get to go.  (He goes at game time and was not ready to leave.)  Another frustration.  So, I left angry and tried to calm down.

By the time we got to the ballpark I was better.  Just felt bad because I yelled at Bob because I was frustrated, (took it out on him!)  You may of been there before...LOL

I called him and apologized, and he explained he was charging my battery to get it to start, so I could take it to the dealers for a new battery.  Our plan....not God's.  Hee Hee

This morning...turn the key...epic fail!  Called triple A and they came and did it all in 10 minutes for $40 less than the dealers!  Sweet!  But that's not the God moment....if this had  happened after my chemo....on a short trip to drop Jessica or something...It would of been a HUGE thing!  He made sure I took care of this before it could be a REAL problem.

I love the Lord, he is sneaky and can mess with you...I think he's having fun!  You may think it's at your expense...but beware of the bigger picture!  Sometimes you have to look back to move forward with Him.  He's the best!

13 days until chemo...yea!!

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  1. It's always so amazing when you stop and realize God moments instead of only seeing things with your "natural eyes". I'm hoping to see you before you leave (since I'll be gone when you return). - Lisa T