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Friday, April 30, 2010

The date is set...HiCy, here I come.

April 30th, 2010
Just got of the phone with Corey, head nurse to Dr. Stefoski. I will be going to Chicago on Tuesday May 18th, seeing the doctors for final testing, May 19th, and be admitted to the hospital on the 20th.
My central line will be surgically placed sometime on the 20th and I will receive my first dose of chemo that day too. So, now we know when.
I am getting things ready to pack. I will be in my hospital room for at least 21 days, and there's no laundry facilities, so I have to pack accordingly. Yes, I'm taking 30 pairs of undies! I will take a ton of socks too! I can dress in whatever comfortable clothes I like, but they need access to my central line...it's kind of in the collar bone area that they place it. I bought some zip front sweat shirts that are fleecy on the inside. I should probably get a couple more. I have some camisole tank tops I'll wear underneath. Then my sweatpants, also fleecy on the inside. Should stay warm and comfy.
Bought a new like down, but not, comforter to take; and a silk pillow case, so my bald head wont stick to the pillow! LOL

I have a wig, sleeping caps, eye mask and ear plugs (lights are always on around you and nurse are constantly checking things). I got hypoallergenic, fragrance free everything...body wash, makeup, hand and body lotion, lip balm, even detergent and dryer sheets for when I get home! This is good info for people looking into this treatment.
My super awesome, wonderful, extremely loving, oh...and handsome husband is getting me an I-pad to take with me! Yeah, I know....he's the best, and I was speechless when he asked me if he could get me one for Mother's day to take to Chicago. It's so I can watch movies and play games and entertain myself! Best guy EVER! I already knew that, by the way.
I'll take some pictures of my family to put on the bulletin board in my room. Might get some fake flowers too, to cheer it up. I can't have real ones! Nice fake ones are better anyway, they never die!
So, I guess that's all. I'm just nervous and anxious, but I'm kinda like that anyway. It's weird to think back on how this all came about just months ago, and now, here I am.

Thank you Lord for all you've done, please guide me safely to the other side of chemotherapy.


  1. So glad the plan is ready and in motion! Good Luck. I know you will do great. The worst part for me was the central line. Once that is over it will be cake for you!

  2. We'll be keeping you in our prayers, Steph. Is there anything we can help with?