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Friday, October 3, 2014

Hello again,
I've been taking my LDN at 4.5 mg for awhile now.  Everything is still good.  I also take vitamin B12, and Serrapeptase.  These help with energy and Serrapeptase gets rid of scar tissue inside your body and uncloggs your veins.

The real news is that I have started a new career in Real Estate!  Thought I'd never work again, but I was wrong!  I am venturing out and seeing if I can make a difference in peoples lives by giving them an amazing experience when buying or selling their homes.  We shall see.

My MS seems to be under control still.  I do have occasional symptoms.  I know it's still there, but it doesn't stop me, like it use too.  Just wanted to update.  Hope everyone is having a blessed year!  

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