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HiCy Journey

Friday, September 24, 2010

Times, they are a changing!

Went to RUSH for my 3 month check up!  I am so much better than before the HiCy!  My Doctor was in shock!  He had to look at my file, because he thought I was 6 months out and I'm only 3!  He can't wait to see me at 6 months!  I didn't realize I was so impressive!  

I will continue to do yoga and work out.  I see my Physical Training  person next Tuesday.  I can't wait to start correcting my walk!  I'm excited to get back to me again!  Yea!!!!

This has been an awesome journey!  Tough for the first month and then thing start moving forward at a rapid pace!  I am so happy I did this!  Thank you Jesus for letting this all come about!  I am truly changed and extremely grateful! 

Will let you know how all my December tests come out.  Will have an MRI and all those cognitive tests again!  I say, BRING IT!  WooHoo!


  1. Always love hearing awewome news about your health! I'm so happy for you and your family. This really will change your future! Miss you. LT

  2. I have really enjoyed learning about your experiences. My husband was diagnosed with an atypical, aggressive type of RRMS on July 2, 2010, after a brain biopsy. He's had 7 major exacerbations from May 1, 2009 to Sept 15, 2010 with four hospital stays. The largest lesion was last June which was 12 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm. It caused so much swelling and shift in the brain that his MS doctor said, "There is no way this is MS." That's why they did the biopsy, but they only found severe demyelination at the center. They called it a tumefactive lesion. We completed the TOUCH program application for Tysabri a week ago and are waiting to hear from them and then from the insurance company. I find your experience with the HiCy very encouraging. We will keep it in mind. Thank you for sharing it all for the rest of us. May the Lord continually bless you!

    With love in Christ,

    Denise R.