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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 17

WBC went to 1.13, my red blood cells went up to a healthy 9.1, but the labs hadn't come back for my neutrophils.  I was at  70 yesterday and hoped to be near 200 today.  I need 500 to go home....My Doctors came in around 10 and let me know my neutrophils were at 530!  I started crying...unbelievable! 

I get discharged tomorrow!  I'm still weak and have bone pain from making all these new WBCs, but I'm healthy enough to fly home!  I am so excited and feel extremely blessed to have recovered so quickly.  I have to isolate myself and wear a mask when around crowds, but that too will change as my health increases!

Thank you all for your prayers and friendship through this extremely difficult journey.  You're all blessings to me!



  1. That's so unexpected! I thought it'd be longer. I'm so happy for you. I bet Jess can't wait to have you home again. Miss you! I'll be in the valley for church this week (but you have to avoid crowds) and again on July 25th. Hope to see you then! - Lisa T

  2. July 25th for sure Lisa! Miss you!