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Saturday, March 27, 2010


March 27, 2010

I received all the prescriptions for tests! I get to have my heart, my lungs, my kidneys, my liver and my blood tested, gotta make sure I'm healthy enough to drop my white blood cell count to zero! Haha...I am so excited!! Got my doctors appointment for April 1st! 5 days away! Not bad! So, we will see what the results say, and then, hopefully be on our way, back to the Windy City!

I actually stayed in Chicago 4 years ago at a really nice hotel. I had an exacerbation (ms attack) and flew home barely able to walk! Jessica started 3rd grade with her Mom unable to drive or walk without assistance! Isn't it funny how I'll be in Chicago for the treatment that stops this from happening again! The Lord works in mysterious ways! Kinda creepy...but AWESOME!


  1. The doctors @ Rush are the best, from what I hear, PLUS (and this is a BIG plus) God has it all under control. :o) You always live life to its fullest and I can't wait to watch you TAKE OFF after your treatment and some PT.

    We're rooting for you!

    Love to all of you!

  2. Stephanie,
    I can't seem to load a picture. I've tried over and over. Maybe the folks at Apple can help me the next time I have a session. I hope you have a great week, getting ready with all your tests and all.